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Embossed printing and embossed powder

Add time: 2019-07-20 16:20 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Relief printing is the process of pressing printed materials to enable them to be similar to the original. Generally, the objects are oil paintings. Because the oil painting has the thickness of the pigment on the original painting, and the ordinary printed product can only represent its flat surface, if it can make the printed matter be the same as the original convex and concave, the concave is concave, is n’t it more realistic? There are two kinds of premium products and mass products. The premium products are printed and refined on very good quality paper and are limited in quantity. Popular products are printed on ordinary paper and are popular products for the masses, so they are produced in large quantities. After the printing is completed, attach a film on the printed matter, and then press the pre-made platen (that is, the embossed version obtained from the original painting through photo-making) on the printed matter to produce the same beauty as the original painting. replica. This kind of embossed prints are most copied from famous paintings. Others are still used in art collections or landscape postcards.

The embossing powder printing is to make the printed matter on the flat surface into a three-dimensional convex shape. This is a method of floating printing processing, which has commercial value, because it can express nobleness and generosity. In particular, the gift wrapping paper, labels, and boxes can show the value of their products. The method is very simple, that is, after ordinary printing materials are printed, resin powder (such as rosin powder currently used in Hong Kong) is sprinkled on the wet ink, and the powder is melted in the ink and then heated to make it The printed part is raised. The powders used in surface printing are bright, matte, gold, silver, fluorescent, etc. Printing methods include letterpress and lithographic printing. Generally, this kind of printing machinery uses semi-manual production, but it has been developed into a fully automated machine, that is, a consistent operation method is used from printing to heating, which has led to a rapid increase in production volume. There is nothing more widely used in modern times than stereo. Wallpapers, other such as wrapping paper, stickers, packaging boxes, business cards, envelopes, letter paper, New Year's cards are widely used.
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