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Things to note in sticker printing

Add time: 2019-07-20 16:22 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
With the development of economy, self-adhesive printing is more and more widely used and widely used. However, there are a lot of things that need to be paid attention to during the printing process. Let ’s take a look together.

Adhesive printing should pay attention to the offset water and ink balance, and control the moisture content of the printing plate. Self-adhesive printing Because the paper is thicker, multiple sheets of stickers will jam into the imprint and rubber roller to easily cause "stuck cars", so it is necessary to adjust the double-sheet control, skew control and other electrical devices carefully before starting printing. Appropriately, the interval between the double-sheet control wheel and the paper feed roller during double-sheet control should not be less than two sheets thick, but also not larger than three sheets, otherwise the arched paper will park when it passes the controller; or The double sheet has passed through the controller, and the two contacts of the power supply of the controller have not yet touched, and the purpose of controlling the double sheet cannot be achieved. The self-adhesive is evenly coated with a layer of self-adhesive on the back of the paper and adheres to a layer of easily peelable wax-coated paper. When the summer is hot, the temperature is high, and the self-adhesive is pressed between the rollers. The glue will flow out from the gap in the paper. A small amount of glue will flow out under high temperature and mechanical roller pressure, and it will be sticky and connected, which will directly affect the correct overprint of normal paper feed. The glue on the edge of the paper will It is affixed to the rubber roller, and it is easy to stick the adhesive on the roller, the ink roller, and the impression roller. The self-adhesive is easily stained on the back when the full plate is printed on the ground. The reason is that the coated paper on the surface of the self-adhesive is poor in ink absorption. Adhesive printing should use the original barrel ink when printing. Do not add 6 # ink. Some de-tackifiers and anti-adhesives; do not add dry oil when the sky is hot, and the back of the printing plate is often easy to stick on the back. It is often sprayed to solve the problem. The activity and activity are good, but the use of dusters will directly affect the surface gloss of printed products, make the ink color not bright, and pollute the environment, and also affect the accuracy of offset presses.

The above is the introduction of the matters needing attention in self-adhesive printing-printing. I hope that it will be helpful to you after reading. If you have any other questions and want to consult, you can contact us.
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