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Water-based inks need attention in food packaging printing

Add time: 2019-07-20 16:22 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, various countries have put forward many requirements for health and environmental protection and restrictions in packaging and printing. Especially for food packaging printing, the use of water-based inks with less pollution, less pollution and no pollution has become green packaging. The inevitable requirement of development.
Water-based ink refers to ink prepared by a combination of specific water-based polymer resins, pigments, and water with a co-solvent added through a physical-chemical process, referred to as water-based ink.
Water-based ink as a new type of packaging printing material, its biggest advantage is that it does not contain volatile organic solvents, its use reduces the amount of organic volatiles (VOC), will not harm the health of ink manufacturers and printing operators, improve Environmental quality, it is known as environmentally friendly ink. The biggest feature of water-based ink is that it has no pollution to the environment, has no impact on human health, is not easy to burn, and has good safety. It can not only reduce the residual toxicity on the printed surface, make the printing equipment clear and convenient, but also reduce the risk of fire caused by static electricity and flammable solvents.
In addition to environmental protection characteristics, the printing characteristics of water-based inks are also good. Water-based inks have stable ink properties, do not corrode plate materials, are easy to operate, inexpensive, have good adhesion after printing, have strong water resistance, and dry quickly (printing speeds can reach 150-200 m / min). Except for gravure printing, water-based inks are also suitable for flexo and screen printing with great development potential.
When using water-based inks in food packaging, attention should be paid to the following issues:
The first is to pay attention to the control of pH. The pH value should be controlled between 8.0 and 9.5. If the pH value of the water-based ink is too high, the alkalinity is too strong, which will affect the drying speed of the ink, and the back surface will be dirty and poor in water resistance. Weakness will increase the viscosity of the ink, and the drying speed will become faster, which will easily cause defects such as dirty plates, paste plates and bubbles. The pH value of water-based inks is mainly maintained by amine compounds. During the printing process, due to the continuous volatilization of the amine in the binder, the pH value will decrease, affecting the printing quality. In actual control, on the one hand, the leakage of amines should be avoided as much as possible, such as covering the upper cover of the ink tank; on the other hand, the stabilizer should be added to the ink tank regularly and quantitatively. When the pH value is low, a pH stabilizer or a small amount of an alkaline substance can be added; when the pH value is high, a solvent or a diluent can be added for polar dilution.
The second is the control of temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity in the printing workshop are closely related to the drying and color of water-based ink printing products. When the relative humidity reaches 95% and 65%, the drying time is almost twice as long. At the same time, the dryness and humidity of the substrate itself will directly affect the drying time of the printed matter.
The third is the degree of ventilation and the way in which prints are stacked. Oxygen or air blowing is a factor that promotes the oxidative polymerization and volatilization of water-based inks, and the formation of strong ink films. Therefore, the degree of ventilation of the printing shop and the way of stacking prints can also affect the drying speed of inks.
Fourth, printing materials. The pH value of the printing material also affects the drying and gloss of the water-based ink. Water-based inks are affected by the pH of the substrate when they are printed on the paper surface. When the acidity of the paper is high, the coupling agent as a drier in the water-based ink does not work. The alkali in the water-based ink is neutralized to advance the drying property. When the paper is highly acidic, the water-based ink dries slowly and sometimes limits the water-based ink. The ink is completely water resistant.
Due to the excellent environmental protection characteristics of water-based inks, developed countries and regions are currently working hard to develop and use water-based inks to gradually replace solvent-based inks. Packaging printing with water-based printing as its main development object has become a trend internationally. Judging from the development trend of international packaging printing, water-based inks have developed from a single carton ink to various substrates such as plastic bags, plastic films, and multi-color overprinting.
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