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Guangzhou album printing on demand printing

Add time: 2019-07-22 11:45 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Recently, a summit forum "Embracing the Digital Age and Sharing the Future of Publishing" was held in Shenzhen. At the forum, more than 200 representatives from publishing houses, digital equipment printing manufacturers, and printing enterprises on the publishing industry chain talked about the development trend of on-demand printing in China. From the discussion a few years ago to the blossoming in the domestic market in the past two years, although the penetration of digital printing in the publishing field has not been as fast and as fast as in commercial printing, this revolutionary technology has gradually been gradually adopted. More and more forward-looking publishers are paying attention and starting to accept it.
For printers and publishers, on-demand printing is no longer a new concept, reducing inventory, reducing waste, and realizing short-board book printing ... For the changes that these on-demand printing have brought to the publishing field, people have already It sounds familiar. However, with the deepening of people's understanding of on-demand printing technology, and with the increasing application of this technology in the field of publishing, publishers are no longer satisfied with the conceptual explanations above, they are urgent Need to see the emergence of real and practical application cases that can answer their doubts.
This "Embracing the Digital Era, Sharing the Future of Publishing" summit forum answered the questions that plagued publishers as above, so representatives of publishers, digital printing equipment manufacturers, and printing companies in the publishing industry chain have received much attention in publishing on demand. The issues of copyright protection, profitability and the integration of the industry chain were discussed in depth.
How is copyright protected?
Cloud technology!
"The data transmission method has changed. How do we know how many copies have been printed by the printing company?" "Will copyright be violated in data transmission?" ... How to protect copyright in on-demand printing, which has always been like before entering the door The higher hurdle impeded the publisher from taking on-demand printing. At this forum, in the face of the above-mentioned questions about the copyright protection of the publishing unit representatives, it seems that Hewlett-Packard, with an IT background, has long been prepared.
Hewlett-Packard ’s vice president of Asia Pacific and Japan ’s Printing and Information Products Group and general manager of the Graphic Arts Solutions Division replied confidently that Hewlett-Packard has developed the core “cloud production” technology. Data protection from upstream files to downstream sales. At the same time, there is an embedded module in this technology. Publishers can see the contents through proprietary software. This content can enable publishers to monitor and count the printing of books in real time.
"Copyright protection is a problem that the global publishing industry will encounter, and it is also a concern for publishers. As an established IT company, data security is an important pillar of our new form of IT." Guido Van Parag said. It all happens in the "cloud" and is only visible to those with permissions. "Having a full suite of data protection technologies is crucial for both publishers and producers, and we invest heavily in this," said Guido Van Parag.
Regarding the issue of copyright protection, Guangzhou Album Printing Co., Ltd. has its own understanding. Chairman Chen Chengwen said: "Printing companies are production platforms that can help publishers print and even logistics to readers, but book numbers and copyrights are still in the hands of publishing houses. There is a cooperative relationship between printing companies and printing companies, and on-demand printing allows everyone to achieve a win-win situation. "
Where is the new profit point?
Data marketing!
"In the Chinese market, most customers are still focusing on how digital printing can optimize their costs and reduce their inventory. I believe that in the future, Chinese customers will pay more attention to books and content like customers in other regions. Created new value on the Internet. "When Aurelio Marugi, vice president and general manager of the inkjet carousel production solutions at HP's Printing and Information Products Group, said the above, the appetite of the participants was hanged Rise, in addition to what people are familiar with, what are the new profit points of printing on demand? "Data marketing."
Earlier, in an interview with the relevant person in charge of the government department in charge of the printing industry, the reporter strongly urged printing companies to look further and attach importance to the real changes brought by data marketing in digital printing. "This field is completely subverted In view of the previous production and profit model of the printing industry, it will be a 'gold mine' with great potential. "
"In the past 5 years, when communicating with our customers in North America and Europe, we found that their interests are quietly changing. From focusing on how to reduce costs in the past, they are now more concerned about how to create value and how to create new products. Pushing printed content to other deeper levels can be achieved on digital printing. "
Aurelio Maruji also described the success of HP's data marketing efforts in cooperation with customers in North America and Europe. "Some of our companies that are mainly engaged in educational book publishing have changed their profit model. In addition to paper books, they have also launched digital books. The two versions co-exist. The digital books were just started to satisfy readers with more personality. It turned out that the digital version of the book brought them more value than expected. "He believes that the situation in each country will be different," but I believe that China is also moving towards us in other countries. Seeing the same progress, "said Aurelio Maruggi.
How to connect post-press equipment?
Near or connected!
Although digital printing is good, it still needs a lot of supporting technology. The reporter saw at the on-demand printing production site of Guangzhou Album Printing Company that the downstream equipment used for cutting and perfect binding is not the same as the entire production line connection design of the previous on-demand printing production line of China's Jiangsu Phoenix Group, but rather Adopted a near-line approach. When visiting the scene, when the reporter asked the sales representative of Hewlett-Packard Co., he replied, "there are many reasons", but the flexibility of the near line is certain.
Xu Man, general manager of Digital Printing Greater China, Hewlett-Packard Printing and Information Products Group, said that digital printing presses are the core equipment in on-demand printing. Equipment manufacturing companies are also very careful when selecting partners, especially those who are concerned about printing. Choice of post-equipment partners.
Taking the Guangzhou album printing company introduced at this forum as an example, Xu Man introduced that their subsequent processing steps are very complicated, folding, cutting, binding ... whether the equipment manufacturers of the post-press equipment can keep up with the development of the industry. It is important to have a forward-looking vision. "You need to see if it has innovative thinking and whether its products can keep up with the needs of digital printing development. For us, choosing a partner is to see if it can keep up with the pace of industry development and whether its products Adapt to the development of digital technology. "
In addition, after-sales service is equally important. On-demand printing is a highly automated work flow. Any shortcomings in any aspect will affect the normal operation of the entire production system. Therefore, the fault handling ability of each equipment manufacturer is critical. This requires manufacturers to have a trained service team. "You have a good product, but you can't do it without a Chinese service team." Xu Man said.
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