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Print coloring page leaflet should choose to print years ago

Add time: 2019-08-16 19:27 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
The bosses who have run supermarkets are very clear. The year before was the peak sales season. The sale of various new products brought huge profits to the company. The year after year is just the opposite. It is a small off-season for the whole year. Due to excessive consumption by people a year ago, the expenditure will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in order to cope with the off-season year after year, various companies will do various promotional activities to attract customers. Years ago, various preparations were made, especially for publicity, such as the advance design of leaflets and the printing in advance.
This year is destined to be a special year. From the end of 2016 to the beginning of January 2017, severe haze weather occurred across the country. The vigorous promotion of environmental protection causes many paper mills and printing plants that failed the environmental protection to rectify and take annual leave in advance. This year, the shipping time for orders in the printing industry has been extremely long. Even if we are printing overtime every day, the shipping time is still a lot of pressure. If you do promotions after the year, and print color leaflets and brochures, we recommend placing orders as soon as possible. New orders placed on January 14th will only be printed after the new year.
Friends who print color leaflets and leaflets, suggest to order color leaflet leaflets and leaflets as soon as possible, and friends who order color leaflet leaflets and leaflets as soon as possible. .
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