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Four common folding principles

Add time: 2019-08-16 19:27 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Impact folding principle

With the help of the longitudinal folding triangle plate, the first fold is obtained along the longitudinal direction of the paper. And transferred to the applique roller. A folding device that folds according to this principle is called an impact folding machine. The impact folding machine has a simple structure and is suitable for high-speed printing, but the folding accuracy is slightly lower.

Rolling Folding Principle

The paper to be folded is cut on the folding cylinder 2 and the output cylinder 1, and is picked and rotated by the pick pin 4. On the concentric line of the counter roller, the elastic folding knife 5 pushes the paper 3 into the neutral space of the cylinder The clamp plates 6 and 7 clamp it along the fold line and take it away by the roller 2. The folding knife is withdrawn from the crease. The device that uses one roller's folding knife and the other roller's plywood to complete folding in relative rolling is called a roller type folding machine.

Rolling folding machine has high folding accuracy and fast speed, and is generally used on web paper book and periodical rotary presses. Depending on the number of folds completed and the type of fold, different numbers of fold rollers and folding schemes are used.

Knife folding principle

Knife folding is to use a folding knife 1 to press the paper 4 between two relatively rotating folding rollers 2 and then send them out by the folding rollers to complete a folding process. After the folding is completed, the paper is taken away by the conveyor, and enters the second and third folds.

Knife folding has higher accuracy, the folds of signatures are compacted, and the folding speed is slower due to the inertia of the folding knife.
Fence Folding Principle

The sheet 4 sent out by the sheet feeding device passes through two rotating folding rollers 2 and is conveyed into the folding fence. When it hits the fence baffle 5, the sheet is forced to bend into a half shape and folded into the middle of the folding roller 3. , Complete the first fold, and then fold the one-fold signature into the next fold fence, and use the same method for the second and third folds. Finally, it was sent to the receiving desk to complete the folding of a book sticker.

The four most common folding methods are impact type, rolling type, knife type and fence type, each of which has its own characteristics. Practice is important, but theoretical knowledge is the premise and basis of practice.
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