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Manual printing is better than matte glue

Add time: 2019-08-16 19:27 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Many times, we need to do a lot of technical processing on the manual printing to make the manual more consistent with the reading habits of customers. Our colleagues also make customers like to understand our products. We will explain the manual printing process to you today. Glue, too dumb?

Over-gloss glue, over-dumb glue is also commonly called over-gloss film over-dumb film. Its principle is to apply a special plastic film with specific glue, heat and pressurize it, and bond the paper together. The final product is a light or dumb film. So if you know the principle, let's talk about printing. Under what circumstances will it be used in the manual, what is the difference between them, and what effect does it have.
Let's talk about their effects first. The paper that has passed through the light film and matte film has a plastic film on it, so it feels smoother, thicker, harder, and not easy to tear than the untouched paper. Therefore, no matter in terms of quality or appearance, it must be a lot higher than never before. The identification method is OK. The paper tears a small opening, and there is a layer of film on the top of the film, as shown below.

So what's the difference between them?
The surface of the product with a glossy film will reflect light, and the product with a particularly bright and dumb film will feel slightly less smooth, and the surface will not reflect and shine, making it look deeper. But matte glue is slightly more expensive than gloss glue.

According to our past experience, it was found that a lot of customers had asked for a light film before long, but gradually everyone felt that it was too tacky, so now there are more matte films. some.
Let's talk about the general use cases.

Since the paper that comes out is thick and hard, it is definitely not suitable for inner pages, so it is generally used for the cover, and ordinary product manuals are used less. Generally, it is relatively high-end, and only those with higher requirements from customers will use it. Because the use of this process will increase the cost of each product manual by about 2 cents. The specific price is related to the printing quantity, whether it is single-sided lamination or double-sided lamination. The more commonly used products are color prints such as picture books and product catalogs.
Of course, black and white are also used a lot, depending on the customer's own positioning, if you want to look a little high-end, just pass it.
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