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Guangzhou poster printing matters needing attention

Add time: 2019-09-20 08:22 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Guangzhou poster printing can be seen everywhere in our lives. It can be found in every corner of our lives. Some of the purpose of poster printing is to promote advertisements. Different goals, but the only constant requirement is that the quality of poster printing must be very high.
Posters, like picture albums and brochures, are also an important medium for corporate external publicity. Enterprises can post posters to achieve external publicity. However, poster printing is not as simple as it looks. Some work before poster printing also needs special attention. If these jobs are not in place, it will affect the overall quality of poster printing. So what do you need to pay attention to before printing posters?
I. Resolution: Before poster printing, we must make sure that the resolution is 300dpi. This value cannot be low, but it is not necessary to be high, and the use of high is not very great.
2. Layers: Before poster printing, it is best not to merge layers frequently during the production process. It is necessary to ensure the changeability of the layers; and to ensure the quality of our final poster printing, we must protect the text. This is important for layers and vector layers.
Third, the use of black: In the process of poster printing, when using a pure black background, pay attention to the use of CMYK four colors, the purpose is to ensure that the black background is bright and accurate. And pure black text can use monochrome black during the printing process, which can ensure the registration of the text during the printing process.
Fourth, we must pay attention to the psd or tif file format of the merged layer when submitting the image file after the production is completed. It must not be a jpg format picture, let alone compress the file into a very high jpg format, because This will definitely lose the fineness of the picture.
The above content is to introduce a few points that need to be paid attention to before poster printing in Guangzhou . Although they are some basic problems, sometimes it is because these basic problems are easy to be ignored by us and cause unnecessary trouble, so we must pay attention.
Before Guangzhou poster printing , we should all do the above preparations to better produce an excellent poster. The only constant requirement of all people is the quality of posters, which is actually the most critical part of poster printing. Guangzhou Intry digital printing company can not only help you achieve the effect of publicity, but also guarantee the quality of poster printing. Welcome to inquire.
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