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Notes for Guangzhou album printing

Add time: 2019-09-20 08:23 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Guangzhou art album printing. When we are doing or participating in an event, someone will send us some art albums, showing some companies, schools or other content that we want to promote. Then the art album printing has become a very important publicity method. Therefore, Guangzhou art album Printing is equally important in life.
1. Printing on thin paper: Thin paper is difficult to print. Thin paper is below 80G. Thin paper is easy to wrinkle during printing. It is required to speed up the printing process and adjust the speed of the printing machine appropriately.
2, thick paper printing: 250 grams or more is called thick paper, thick paper is easy to offset when printing. For the so-called thick paper, when the slow machine is used for printing, the large suction machine should also be adjusted to the appropriate suction volume, and adjusted according to the actual situation on site. When printing on thick paper, the printing press consumes a lot of money, and the operator must follow and observe, and properly handle it according to the actual situation of the production site to avoid unnecessary losses.
3. Printing ink: The speed of the printing machine is too fast, the ink is not dry and the prints are heavily stacked. This will cause the offset printing ink to naturally copy, penetrate, ghost, and overprint. The slippage will also cause the slippage phenomenon. The phenomenon is also quite serious. The above problems are very common and can be easily solved, which can be completely avoided.
4. Debugging of printing plates: The operators are more critical. They must be careful and attentive to ensure that the strength of the pushing board in the paper feeding department is balanced. The layout, assembly, and calibration are also key. Conditional requirements are sufficient.
5. High-definition: first prepare before printing, everything is ready, such as: selecting printing materials, verifying various types of data of the printing machine, adjusting the ink layer of the coating roller, the pressure of the roller, and the printing machine. Speed, etc. . . . . . Synchronize to ensure print quality.
6. Color correction: No color aberration in batches, printing inks require pure colors, and the picture is bright and light, but these problems are also related to the quality of the paper. The pictures printed on high-quality paper are more bright and light, and The ink contains a weight of chemical components, which will produce different chemical reactions in different environments, such as: humidity, temperature difference, high pressure, etc. . . . Therefore, it may cause abnormal changes in printed albums, keep in mind.
7. Printing strength: The printing machine is most forbidden to print on ultra-thick paper and full-plate printing. It is also difficult to control the loss of the printing machine. In reality, when it comes to prints with more than 350 grams of paper, many printers are not willing to take orders. Plate printing is really difficult to control. We know that when printing albums, the corrugated cardboard is transferred to the slotted part through the paper guide rollers and printing rollers of the printing machine. After the cardboard is subjected to the pressure of the roller during the transfer, its physical properties have changed to varying degrees. Affects the strength of the album, so when encountering this type of printed matter, reliable operating measures must be taken during the operation to mitigate the negative effects and impacts.
8. Pre-press trial version: that is, before the formal printing, you must go through one of the most important procedures. Generally, an advertising company or manufacturer directly cooperates with the color matching. Otherwise, the operator must use the printed version as the standard color matching. After several corrections, it is confirmed that there is no deviation from the printed version before it can be officially put into printing.
9. Post-sequence work: It is necessary to pay attention to side loading, film passing, indentation, and nail installation. Any post-sequence work is very important. It is conceivable that the current time will affect the whole, even if you are in front No matter how well the work is done, the latter one is not careful and it will lead to a complete work in vain. Therefore, every process should be completed carefully.
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