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Detailed steps of Guangzhou album printing design process

Add time: 2019-09-21 07:01 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Guangzhou album printing design is an important part of album production. Album printing design is a weight for competition between enterprises. It should not be a simple overlay of text and pictures. Enterprise album production is essentially an enterprise concept. The process of refinement and manifestation.

A good Guangzhou picture album must have precise market positioning, high-level artistic creativity, and show the picture style from all angles. The picture album can be simple and magnificent, the atmosphere is magnificent, it can be detailed and detailed, and colorful.

A successful corporate album should be artistic, spiritual, and powerful. Excellent designers for the creation of corporate albums as a marketing motivation and artistic enjoyment. The process of book printing design is an important part of the excellent book printing design.

The process of Guangzhou album printing design is as follows. The process of album printing design may vary slightly depending on the situation of different companies.

Process 1: Get a general understanding When looking for a book printing design company, any company must first understand the situation of the two parties and determine whether to start cooperation. The main content to understand is what kind of picture album the company needs, whether it is a corporate image picture album or an enterprise product picture album. How many pages should be designed for the picture album, what paper should be used, and what style should be designed, these issues should be communicated well . The design company must make a reasonable quotation according to the situation and then determine the cooperation.

Process 2: Preliminary communication

1. Enter into the industry related to the album for research (company situation, analysis of competitive advantages and disadvantages, industry situation, consumer group analysis)

2. The designers discussed internally and after internal brainstorming, determined the design ideas and design concepts of the album

3. Divergent thinking through design ideas and design ideas, perfect the ideas, and let the branches of ideas grow new content.

4. Initially complete the design draft, provide 1-2 different styles of design composition for customers to choose

5. Select the final design style of Guangzhou album for design implementation.

Process Three: Detailed Design of Guangzhou Photo Album

1. The front and back covers are basically established and artistically designed

2. Establish the tone of the inner pages of the album;

3. Refine the pictures and text of the design album and optimize the layout;

4. Revise and complete the draft to the output standard;

Process 4: In-depth design of the album:

1. Incorporate creative design concepts while grasping the overall style

2. The senior design consultant is responsible for reviewing the picture book and completing the further design;

3. The book printing designer communicates and implements the coordination and cooperation with the business.

Process 5: Post-printing of albums Generally speaking, customers save the source files of albums, give samples to the printing factory, and confirm the correctness before printing in large quantities. Note that you must make a sample for review.

The above is a detailed explanation of the album printing design process steps shared by everyone. When you are doing album printing design, you have noticed the above requirements.
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