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Guangzhou book printing and binding method

Add time: 2019-10-03 21:48 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Enterprises have their own albums. Guangzhou album printing bears the corporate culture. If you want an exquisite album, you cannot ignore the importance of binding. What are the different ways of Guangzhou book printing and binding?
1. Saddle stitching
English is the meaning of saddle. When binding, the folded page moves like a saddle for a horse and is placed on the chain of the binding machine. After binding, the nails are set on the horseback. Therefore, when you open the book and look at the middle part, you can see that the entire book is centered on the middle nail. The first page of the book is symmetrically connected to the last page, and the two middle pages are also symmetrical and connected with the center as the center.
Binding Features:
1) Due to the center-symmetrical nature of saddle stitching, the imposition when making a plate is different from the ordinary stitching, plastic binding, threaded paperback, or hardcover. Therefore, when designing a book, the original bookbinding was intended. If you want to change the saddle stitching after plate making, the imposition method is completely different, and the change is equivalent to redoing.
2) The page number must be divisible by 4, generally 8 pages, 16 pages, and no more than 64 pages. Pay attention to the creepage when the page number exceeds 32 pages.
2, wireless printing of books and periodicals
Wireless glue binding refers to a method of binding each page of printed matter on the spine with glue. It does not use iron wires or threads, but uses glue to glue book blocks, from book publishing to automatic finishing. The process is roughly as follows: collating, feeding, milling back, shaving, upper side glue, book back glue, cover, molding, glue cooling, duplex, slitting, cutting finished products, stacking light books, inspection Finished products, bundling.
Binding Features:
Wireless glue binding is one of the most commonly used binding methods, and its composition is a product made by solidifying the loose paper on the spine with hot melt glue. Suitable for general documents, tenders, materials, teaching materials, etc.
3. Locked plastic
Locked plastic, also known as string plastic, folds the page. It refers to a binding method in which the pages are threaded together, and then the pages of the printed product are fixed on the spine with glue. The advantage of thread-locked binding is that the book block is glued together with thread fixing. When the book is opened, the content of the book can be fully displayed, from book publishing to automatic binding.
Binding Features:
Thread-locked binding is a very strong binding method with unlimited cost and thickness, but after all, it is complicated, has a long production cycle, and has high costs. It is suitable for large-scale printing and binding enterprises.
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