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The future development trend of Guangzhou box printing

Add time: 2019-10-06 14:21 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
With the development of commodity economy and science and technology, flat, convex, concave and other printing processes and special printing processes will develop. Different printing process features and suitable printing ranges are also different. They will coexist for a long time and complement each other. Has a place in it.
(1) Lithography will remain the main force. Lithographic printing is simple, plate material is light, and the plate is printed quickly. It can quickly produce large-format color printing products with good quality and accurate overprinting. It is especially suitable for printing pictures and text.
In recent years, lithographic technology has been continuously integrated into high-tech, sophisticated and sophisticated new technologies such as optics, chemistry, and computer technology, reflecting the current level of high technology.
(2) There will be breakthroughs in letterpress printing technology. Letterpress printing is China's traditional printing process. It has a good technical foundation, low investment, and is easy to use. It is suitable for small batches, small format, and special specifications of packaging printing. The paper and ink materials are not harsh. Control the amount of ink, make the printing quality reach a more ideal level, and the application range is wide.
(3) Gravure printing will continue to develop steadily. The advantages of gravure printing have always been high speed, wide format, low consumption and low downtime, which can obtain the best results on a variety of printing materials.
Gravure printing equipment has a large investment and high plate making cost, which is only suitable for long-line products. Because gravure inks contain toxic substances, their applications are limited. If these deficiencies can be resolved, gravure will develop to some extent.
In recent years, the development of gravure printing technology has greatly shortened the preparation time of gravure printing, and improved the competitiveness of gravure printing in the short and medium-sized live market. It is expected that the development of gravure in the future will mainly focus on:
Whole body automatic gravure cylinder plating process;
Application of non-film electronic engraving process;
Development of photopolymer thin roll gravure process and wrap-around gravure wrapped on a cylinder;
Digital quick proofing;
The gravure printing machine will develop in the direction of multipurpose, multicolor, high speed, automation, linkage, and environmental protection;
Achieving water-based gravure ink printing and effectively controlling the solvent of solvent ink. Digitization and remoteization are the development trends of gravure platemaking technology. The platemaking process, the design and production of links with customers and management are the key to achieving digital gravure printing Pre-press plate-making equipment is the prerequisite to realize the digitalization of the plate-making process.
(4) Screen printing will be more active. As the representative of stencil printing, silk screen printing has always been based on workshop production methods in China, and it is considered that it can only produce lines and large color blocks, but it is not on the list. In today's technological revolution, modern screen printing equipment, materials and processes have injected new vitality into the screen printing process.
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