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Guangzhou Printing takes you to understand the anti-counterfeiting printing process

Add time: 2019-10-27 21:11 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
As we all know, due to weak copyright awareness in China, plagiarism and copying are extremely serious. If you do not have a good way to stop such phenomena, then your knowledge, technology, and experience will be misappropriated. Think about it, you have accumulated a lot of time It is a terrible thing that others only need one second to take possession of their own experience and knowledge. The plagiarism not only brings losses to the parties, but also harms the printing industry. Some books printed by authorized publishers are often illegally printed and pirated, making genuine books produced by the official unnoticed, but those pirated books. Sold out. Fortunately, there are still many ways to prevent such things from happening in China, such as the most common anti-counterfeiting printing. Using this method can reduce the vast majority of inadequate process pirated manufacturers, and other technical manufacturers will also reduce costs. Question: Give up piracy, is this process really so magical? Let's take Guangzhou Printing to understand how this process can prevent forgery.
1 Plano convex printing and process printing
The design of high-end printed products will have a large area of color blocks, multi-color sequential continuous picture adjustment, complex lines, and patterns, which bring certain difficulties to a single printing method. If plano-convex printing is used, that is, a large area of solid color patches with high pressure and uniform inking strength of the letterpress printing machine, and four-color continuous blending of complex line parts with the gentle strength of the lithographic printing press, so as to avoid weaknesses, and its effect It is very obvious. For some more demanding and more complex printed products, multi-process combined printing such as hand, convex, concave, flat, convex, and leak can also be used. In short, the more complicated the printing process and the more difficult the printing of the packaged printed products, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect.
2. Gravure technology
It refers to the graphic parts on the printing plate that are raised, and the printed text and ink are also raised, and the graphic lines are clear and layered, and you can feel it at the touch of a hand. This printing technology not only protects the paper, but also has anti-counterfeiting performance. Important securities use gravure technology.
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3. Laser Holographic Iris Printing
Laser holographic iris printing uses laser holographic photography to make a stencil in a shockproof room, and then transfer the pattern to a certain carrier by a certain pressure. Under the illumination of a 45-degree point light source, its products can produce a unique rainbow-like effect, and the three-dimensional sense of the image is very strong. It is favored by consumers. It is called by some people of insight as the 21st century ink-free color Typography. At present, cold press coating and hot stamping are used. As the plate making process of this technology is relatively complicated and difficult, only a few domestic manufacturers can produce it, so the anti-counterfeiting effect is excellent. It should be particularly pointed out that holography uses a laser light source in the shock-proof room to simultaneously capture the amplitude information and phase information of the scene's light waves, and uses the principle of light interference to form each particle of the scene to form all the information. During the plate making process, the slight air flow in the room can cause the color of the holographic image to change. Therefore, it is impossible to make two identical holographic plates in any case.
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4. Special gloss printing
Special gloss printing is a new printing technology that is more popular in the packaging printing industry in recent years. Special gloss printing processes currently include metal gloss printing, pearl gloss printing, pearl gloss printing, refractive printing, variable gloss printing, laser holographic iris printing, crystal gloss printing, metal-like etching printing and matte printing. Among them, metallic gloss printing uses aluminum foil-based metal composite paper, with a more transparent ink, to form a special metallic gloss effect on printed products. Pearlescent printing uses silver paste on the surface of the printed product, and then uses extremely transparent ink. The silver glittering body refracts a pearlescent effect through the ink layer. Pearl gloss printing is printing with ink mixed with mica particles, so that the printed products have a gloss effect similar to pearl and shellfish. Refractive printing is the unique effect of light refraction produced by embossing a pattern on a printed product with a certain pressure using a refractive plate. Matte printing is printed with matte ink or ordinary ink and then covered with a matte film, which can produce a hazy, weak gloss characteristic, so it also has a more secure anti-counterfeiting effect.
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