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How to clean the ink remaining on the cylinder in Guangzhou printing

Add time: 2019-10-27 21:12 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Since there are more and more printed products, many items have to be printed in Guangzhou, so the printing plant needs to print a large number of printed products every day. When printing large-area patterns or large-area dark ground, the service life of the water-fleece sleeve will be shortened, and the water-fleece sleeve will inevitably stick to a lot of ink. If another item is printed at this time, the ink is not easy to remove. It is easy to cause the print to be discolored, which reminds us to clean up the ink remaining on the roller in Guangzhou printing in time, but if it is very troublesome to replace and clean, what should we do? Today I will do everything for you.
1. When washing the ink, first pour the car wash water evenly on the ink roller, screw on the squeegee, and after one or two minutes observe that most of the ink on the ink roller has been removed, then drop 4 plate-backing rollers. In this way, the ink on the printing plate can be easily removed. For the plate water roller, pour more car wash water, so that the ink on the water roller will be transmitted to the printing plate, and the ink will flow to the ink scraper after receiving the ink. Finally, the ink roller and water roller are cleaned with water, and the ink scraper is screwed off after washing, so that the water roller fleece can be washed well.
2. Screw the ink scraper on, place the large and small paper control buttons on the empty sheet, and then press the pressure button, and then drop the platen roller, so that it can be washed clean.
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