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How Guangzhou poster printing should improve the color of posters

Add time: 2019-10-27 21:12 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Posters are a form that best reflects graphic design, which is often referred to as posters. It is a promotional poster that attracts customers. It pays great attention to the visual design. In fact, it is the perfect combination of pictures, text, color, space, etc., that is, to attract people's attention in the first time through the composition of the layout and get instant stimulation. Therefore, color in poster printing in Guangzhou is very important. Therefore, we must know how to improve the color of posters. Today I will tell you how to improve the color of posters in Guangzhou poster printing.
1. Know how to modify colors: that is, all colors on the surface are for the same purpose to beautify the layout and please the readers. When there are few color pictures on the layout, you can use more colored wireframes and lines for decoration; when there are many color pictures, you can use black or gray lines and wireframes for decoration.
2. Pay attention to the title: The title is very important. It is the highlight of the poster. Between the black body text and the color picture, it must be interspersed and connected with a certain color-sensitive title to form a unified and harmonious overall layout. Make the headline contrasting and visually striking.
3. Magical contrast: that is, when two colors are separated and juxtaposed, the effect is not the same. When comparing, it must be particular and harmonious.
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