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The difference between digital printing and traditional printing

Add time: 2019-06-26 19:54 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Compared with large printing equipment with millions of dollars, the price of high-end digital printing equipment has not become the threshold for investment by large traditional printing enterprises. Traditional printing enterprises are more concerned about the structure, function, printing quality and applicability of the equipment. According to the editors of Guangzhou album printing manufacturers, modern digital printing presses can respond to personalized commercial printing, take the high-end product line, and print short and supplementary books.

High willingness to invest in equipment

In the printing industry, digital printing used by Guangzhou picture book printing manufacturers is no longer a strange topic. It is understood that in the time of developing digital printing business, 42% of the companies that have not started digital printing, 28% of the companies that have operated for 1 to 3 years, 26% of the enterprises that have operated for 3 to 5 years, and 5 Only over 4% of enterprises are over the year. Therefore, the willingness of printing enterprises to invest in digital printing equipment is relatively high.

Prepress system

In terms of pre-press investment, printing companies are basically more generous, but the investment scale is quite different. Although digital printing is convenient and fast, prepress often becomes a bottleneck restricting the production efficiency of digital printing. However, whether it is traditional prepress production software, a large number of template software here, or other process integration software, all belong to the category of prepress systems. Therefore, the purchase of digital printing equipment is actually only the first step into the digital printing field.

Printing Equipment

For printing companies that want to adopt digital printing technology, digital printing presses should be a top priority in their investment budget. Statistics show that many printing companies agree with the current price positioning of production digital printing equipment, and some companies even directly equate the price space of digital printing equipment with traditional printing equipment, which is valued by digital printing in the Chinese market. The degree is directly related to the improvement of the printing company's economic strength.

The number of digital printing equipment used by Guangzhou picture book printing manufacturers is not only related to the digital printing capabilities of a printing company, but also reflects the company's business development capabilities. Buying digital printing equipment is not difficult for printing companies, and there are not many printing companies with multiple digital printing equipment, but the key is how to find the market so that these equipment bought with large sums of money can make full use of them. Role.

Post-press system

A complete printing process is composed of three parts: prepress, inpress, and postpress. A variety of post-press equipment can not only ensure the overall efficiency of digital printing production, shorten processing time, but also improve customer satisfaction, so digital printing companies have invested in post-print equipment.

Expanding business and serving customers is the main reason why traditional printing companies buy digital presses. Many companies have stated that in the increasingly competitive environment of the printing industry, they will expand their business with new production methods and provide more services to customers. In fact, this is indeed the case. Many of their quick printing businesses are quoted by printing houses from their original customers. Most of the printing business is short-run printing and personalized product printing, and they do not share food with traditional printing equipment. But the business volume of digital printing equipment has a lot to do with the production scale of the enterprise. Of course, the printing quotation system, these companies that have invested in digital printing equipment, are also waiting for opportunities to develop new business sources, and use the network to expand their business is a way out.

Profit model is being explored

From the perspective of the business areas involved, among the printing companies that have launched digital printing business, social parts account for a large proportion of their business composition, followed by the production of sample books and stamps and other personalized products for publishing houses. This is also reflected from one side.

As for the printing company's way of doing business, there are many choices at present, but most companies still take orders through specialized salespersons; secondly, they take orders through their own websites.

From a long-term perspective, if digital printing is to achieve real development, it must solve the problem of business acquisition mode. The biggest feature of digital printing business is short version and personalization. In the future development of digital printing, a feasible way to collect business is to take orders online, and a digital printing network transaction platform is required to promote the integration of digital printing and network systems.

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