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Guangzhou Color Printing Knowledge

Add time: 2019-07-01 19:10 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Monochrome printing in Guangzhou Color Printing refers to the use of one printing, which can be black printing, color printing, or spot color printing.
Guangzhou Color Printing's spot color printing refers to a special color used in the modulation design as the base color, which is completed by one printing. Monochrome printing is widely used, and it will also produce rich hue and achieve satisfactory results. In monochrome printing, color paper can also be used as the background color. The printing effect is similar to two-color printing, but it has a special charm. Special colors Special colors include glossy printing and fluorescent printing.
Glossy printing mainly refers to gold or silver printing. To make a special color version, gold or silver ink is generally used for printing, or gold powder, silver powder and varnish, and quick-drying agent are used for printing. Under normal circumstances, it is best to print the background color of gold and silver. This is because gold or silver ink is directly printed on the paper surface, and the gloss of the gold and silver ink will be affected by the degree of oil absorption on the paper. Generally speaking, you can choose a certain color according to the design requirements. If you want a warm golden color, you can choose the red version as the base color; otherwise, you can choose blue; if you want to have deep and shiny, you can choose the black base. Fluorescent color printing refers to the use of spot color plates to print fluorescent colors and printing with fluorescent inks. Because of the different properties of the inks, the printed colors are extremely eye-catching. Used in design works, it can produce distinct and unique effects. The printed matter is divided into monochrome printing and color printing. Monochrome printing is a printing method limited to one color. Color printing can print full-color pictures. Most color printing uses a color separation plate to reflect various hue. The color separation plate is mostly composed of red (M), yellow (Y), blue (C) and black (K) four-color screen version. According to the color separation principle, the hue of the color separation plate can be directly indicated by the number of CMYK dots in the color spectrum. When special colors are needed, special colors other than these four colors must be used to set up a spot color version. The color identification of the spot color version can specify a hue in the color spectrum for debugging.
Guangzhou color printing is a method of copying images or text by color (corresponding to this is only black and white printing, or monochrome printing). It involves many steps, or conversion processes, to produce high-quality color reproduction.
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