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Guangzhou printing factory analyzes the cause of whitening

Add time: 2019-07-03 08:42 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
The whitening is that the ink film printed in Guangzhou is not smooth, opaque, and the picture is pink. At the same time, the ink has poor adhesion and scratches. The root cause of whitening is that the resin in the ink is separated from the pigment, and the ink after printing and drying forms a rough particle surface. The Guangzhou printing factory has the following two cases.

cause of issue

(1) Resin whitening is caused by the imbalance of the solvent composition. When the true solvent is less than the diluent and the pure diluent is too much, the resin in the ink precipitates and precipitates, and is separated from the pigment. Especially in the high temperature season, the fast-drying solvent will evaporate more quickly, which will easily cause the solvent balance to be destroyed. In addition, the running time is long, the solvent is continuously added, the resin becomes less, and a smooth film layer cannot be formed.

(2) Solvent whitening (water whitening)
When the ambient humidity is relatively high, a large amount of the solvent with a high evaporation rate evaporates from the plate surface. The evaporation of the solvent causes the plate surface to be cooled, causing dew condensation, causing the plate surface to attach a large amount of water, and continuously gathering into the ink tray, so that the resin is soluble Loss, resin and pigment phase separation.


Method 1: The proportion of solvents must be correct. The proportion of solvents that evaporate quickly when the ambient temperature is high should be increased.
Method 2: Control the temperature and humidity of the printing shop to reduce environmental impact.
Method 3: Add a small amount of slow-drying solvent, but at the same time increase the drying capacity.
Method 4: When printing on a large-diameter path, the printing speed is not fast enough. Especially in high-temperature and high-humidity environments, you should be prepared.
Method 5: When the ink has deteriorated, it should be replaced in time.

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