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Guangzhou printing factory on the use of water-based inks

Add time: 2019-07-03 08:43 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
After investigation by the Guangzhou Printing Factory , good soft pack factories for water-based inks generally follow the following six principles:
1. Commonly used in back printing General water-based gravure inks have the disadvantages of no gloss, ash off, and low concentration. It is mostly used in printing when printing, which can achieve the characteristics of clear text, complete dots, strong color development, and clear hierarchy.
2. Proper shallow printing On the one hand, the water-based system causes the ink to have the rheological characteristics of Newtonian fluid, and the ink transfer volume is more than 15% larger than that of the solvent-based ink; on the other hand, the water-based ink has a high solid content and a dry ink film of the same area The thickness can be smaller. Therefore, it is recommended to sculpt the inking holes with the same surface area.
3. Adding antifoaming agent Water-based ink is weakly alkaline, and it is more prone to produce bubbles than solvent-based inks during printing. Quality defects such as white spots and trachoma appear on printed products. Therefore, about 1% of antifoaming agent can be added.
4. Control the drying temperature. Water-based inks are mainly based on volatile drying, and equipped with a certain reaction drying. The resolubility of dried ink film is worse than that of solvent-based inks. Therefore, the temperature control of hot air is very important. If the temperature is too low, the surface of the ink will dry out, but the inner layer will not be transparent, and it will show anti-adhesion when the color is registered.
5. Do not mix water-based inks with other solvent inks, otherwise it will cause quality problems.
6. Adding corresponding assistants Because both alcohols and amines are volatile, the pH value of the ink is prone to change. In the printing process, it is necessary to pay attention to adding corresponding assistants.
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