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What to pay attention to when printing book

Add time: 2019-08-14 21:15 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
1. Pay attention to proofs

First, sample inspection during printing. Soon after entering the official printing, the amount of ink supply and water supply determined at the time of printing will vary slightly, and frequent sampling inspections should be performed to readjust. When the printing speed remains the same, and the ink supply and water supply are in a stable state, the sampling inspection is performed at a rate of 500 to 1000 sheets per print. Then insert a warning note into the printed product. In order to facilitate inspection in subsequent processes.

2. Pay attention to the change in the amount of water in the initial printing

First pay attention to the changes in water during the initial printing. The amount of water during the trial printing and the amount of water after entering the official printing will vary somewhat. Be sure to pay attention to adjusting the water supply of the printing plate while observing the proofs and ghosts. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to changes in the water during the formal printing process. Pay close attention to the influence of the main body heat and ventilation in the workshop on the water. Alcohol dampening should pay attention to the cooling system of the wetting system and control the temperature of the wetting fluid. Too little water will make the printing plate dirty. ; Too much water will cause ink emulsification, which will cause a series of problems.

3. Pay attention to changes in printing inks at the beginning of printing,

First you need to pay attention to the ink in the ink fountain. The ink of the ink fountain is transmitted from the gap between the ink fountain roller and the ink fountain blade, and is naturally squeezed out by the weight of the ink. Therefore, the amount of ink in the ink fountain directly affects the output of the ink. In addition, printing inks have thixotropic properties. Always stir in the ink fountain with an ink knife, or install an ink agitator.
Secondly, it is necessary to prevent the ink from drying on the machine. In addition, it should be noted that the ink is uniform, and the density of the print varies depending on the amount of water, room temperature, and machine speed. It should always be checked against standard samples. Take care to prevent uneven ink. Therefore, the pH value of the wetting liquid is maintained. After the auxiliary agent is added to the ink, the pH value of the wetting liquid is easily affected. If the pH value is increased, the printing plate may be dirty, so special attention must be paid.

4. Pay attention to the back dirty during the printing process

Back side smearing is the phenomenon that the ink on the surface of the printed sheet sticks to the back of the previous sheet due to slow ink drying, excessively thick ink layers, and high paper smoothness.

5. How to Avoid Ghosting Failures and Solutions

The so-called ghosting is that the image printed with one printing plate is shifted, and double and triple image shadows can be seen on the printed sheet. There are many reasons for ghosting, such as paper, tooth decay, rollers, blankets, printing speed, ink viscosity and other factors are very complicated. There are generally several ways to check the cause and deal with it.
First print twice, observe the overprint accuracy, check the side gauge pull force, paper feed, pressure roller, and press mechanism.
Then check the tension of the blanket, the new blanket is easy to loosen, pay attention to tightening in stages, but not too tight.

6. Need continuous attention to check overprint

Take out 20 ~ 30 prints in succession, twist the paper edge a little after breaking through, check whether the front and side gauges are positioned accurately (you can perform two overprint inspections).

7. Other work that needs attention during printing

The first is the replenishment of the ink, the stirring and the wetting fluid.
Then comes the dirty work. It is necessary to remove the dirt because the dirt such as ink scum, paper powder, and paper wool are adsorbed on the printing plate or blanket and reflected on the paper. Decontamination should generally be stopped. Unless there is a device that can remove dirt during operation. It is forbidden to remove dirt directly by hand during operation.
Another is cleaning blankets, erasing and gluing operations. When ink, paper powder, and dusting powder are accumulated on the blanket and affect the transfer of the ink, the blanket must be cleaned when it is stopped, and safety must be observed during operation. Stenciling and gluing should also be carried out safely.

8. Pay attention to confirm the number of copies at the end of printing

When the printing is about to end, it should be confirmed whether the number of copies matches the production construction order. If there is a missing number that needs to be reprinted, the production management personnel shall be notified and the reprinting shall be arranged in a timely manner.
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