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Friends who want to make a business product album

Add time: 2019-08-14 21:16 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Friends who want to be an enterprise product catalogue!
A new publicity method that can immediately save 50%, 100% or more of the traditional book printing costs

Are you still using traditional methods to promote your business and products by printing pictures?

Below I will show you an effective method that can save 50% of your company's advertising costs, 100% or more more publicity means ...

You know, for printing albums, it is usually more than 200 copies. If you need proofing, the sample fee plus shipping costs will be additionally forty to fifty yuan, or even hundreds of yuan. (Proofing may not be finalized once)

Also, once the album design is complete, the style and number of pages are determined, and then the page content is inserted, and the production unit will require an increase in cost.

Moreover, after printing, the content cannot be changed (except for the company, product, contact information, all content is unchanged)

Moreover, the total printing costs will gradually rise as the price of paper continues to rise. There is also an album to send to the salesman, and someone will definitely not cherish it. (Not just salesmen, but also customers who visit may not care)

Now there is a special design paperless propaganda means ----- electronic album, which will bring immediate changes to your business and products, and will start to create a huge propaganda advantage. When customers ask you what products, use it , You can solve the problem of your unclear words.

Because this is an electronic product, you can keep it for a long time. But there are better ones that bring you efficient changes:

Save time, let customers see your sample in 1 second.

Save effort and eliminate the need for sales staff to deliver paper samples exclusively.

· Worry-free, product content update, office information, contact phone, you can change at any time.

· Environmental protection, starting from ourselves and protecting the earth.

· Flexibility to modify, increase or decrease the album page at any time (make the album more perfect)

· Promote corporate brands to go faster and further, let customers around the world understand their company's products through more channels.

Listen, there are many more ...
· Show the company's contact information, so that customers can quickly contact you when reading the album, and get more business opportunities.

· Saves 50%, 100% or more, because there is no printing fee, transportation cost. (The cost of traditional albums is design, printing, and transportation)

· The effect of displaying the company's products is clear. There is no printing color difference in traditional albums, which affects the customer's visual experience.

· Easy to read. View on mobile phone and computer at any time. Intuitive image.

· Trends. Now that people's reading habits have changed from paper books to electronic reading, they are more willing to browse on the Internet, mobile phones, and computers.

The truth is an ultra-low cost method that can be made once and can be adjusted locally later.

· Make online version, put it on the corporate website, and other platforms, customers online, download and watch anytime, anywhere. (If you do n’t know which platforms to put on so that more potential customers can see, you will also get this information for free)

· Catch up to your customers' sight faster than your peers.

And special benefits
· If you are sure to make an electronic photo album, please confirm it before July 10th, you will get an extra free copy of your company's product promotion copy. Free modification), only 3 places are given.

If you think about it, if the company hires a copywriting employee, it now costs at least 4,000-6,000 yuan per month, and it costs food, food, social security, and even commission. So it's a great bribe for you!

· If you still need to fine-tune the album you have completed, you can deal with it for free.

Using electronic album, no matter where your customer is in the world, you are only 1 second away from him. Now you can contact us (with 8 years and 04 months of design work experience) plus WeChat tcw523 (note: electronic album) , Consulting specific designs.
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