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What to pay attention to when printing company brochures

Add time: 2019-08-14 21:16 Article source: Guangzhou Printing Factory
Various types of company brochure printing products can provide users with very good market promotion, which is of great significance for the long-term development of the company. However, for the production and production of company brochure printing products, some problems are printing. Manufacturers need to pay special attention so that they can better ensure the production quality of brochure printing products.
Ten things to note when printing brochures:
1. Turn.
For works designed with software such as CoreIDRAW, the text must be curved or outlined, otherwise the font may be missing. After the text is turned into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is any chaos or overlap between the characters or between the lines. Try not to use system words, if you use them, there will be white nodes at the staggered strokes. If there are white nodes at the staggered areas of the strokes, they can be processed by scattered instructions. Do not use overprint for black text.
2. Printing background color.
The color of the printed shading or baseprint of the brochure should not be less than 10%, so as to prevent it from being rendered when printing finished products. .
3, bleeding line.
The text on the printed page of the brochure needs to be more than 3mm away from the cutting edge to prevent it from being cut during cutting.
4. Use of color blocks.
In color printing, please try to avoid using dark or full-color combinations for the color matching of the color blocks, otherwise cutting after printing is likely to cause back printing. Don't cover it with white color blocks, so as not to cause trouble when combining plates.
5. Printing color difference.
In color printing, you cannot use the color printed on the screen or printer to request the process color. The customer must refer to the percentage of CMYK color spectrum to determine the fill color.
Also note: CMYK chromatograms produced by different manufacturers are affected by factors such as the paper used, the type of ink, and the printing pressure. There may be differences in the same color block. When the same document is printed at different times, the color will be different, and the color difference recognized in the printing industry is normal within ± 10% (because the ink volume control will be different each time)
6. Don't leave cutting line.
There is no need to draw cross lines and cutting lines to complete the manuscript. Two invisible wire frames can be used to make the size and bleeding line 92x56mm, and 90x54mm after cutting (that is, 1mm bleeding on each side). If there is a special size, please specify it in the order and the uploaded document.
7. Document format.
Use the Chinese version of CoreIDRAW9.0 to design and produce the documents. Due to the need of the group edition, the documents designed with the Mac will be converted into the PC format.
8. Wireframe thickness.
The brochure prints all input or self-drawn graphics, and the thickness of the wireframe must be at least 0.1mm, otherwise the printed matter will cause broken lines or unrepresentable conditions. In addition, the wire frame cannot be set to "zoom with image", otherwise irregular lines will be formed during printout.
9, the frame is precisely cut.
When the gradient object is placed in the frame for accurate clipping, it should be converted to a bitmap (the method is the same as point 6), because the gradient of the placed frame and other objects are grouped and then rotated. The directions do not rotate together. In addition, the “edge width” cannot be set for any gradient object, because the interpretation of the output machine is different, which sometimes causes insufficient filling of the gradient edge.
10. Pay special attention to any pictures, color blocks or lines that exceed the production size.
Don't cover it with white color blocks, so as not to cause trouble when combining plates. Brochures are one of the advertising media for companies to publicize their own culture and product characteristics, and they belong to printed materials. Brochure design refers to the graphic designer's rational arrangement of the three constituent relationships of the picture of the brochure (printed matter) and the visual relationship of the picture elements based on the customer's corporate culture and marketing strategy to achieve the purpose of advertising the brand and product.
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